Scan the QR Code with your mobile device. It will open to the login screen for The Coin Foundry prototype.
1. Login as a Customer to explore the customer functions
2. From the Customer app, scan a Merchant QR Code for quick payment
3. Login as a Merchant to explore the merchant functions

Customer Page
Customer Login:
Username: RobinSmith
Password: Prototype111#

Merchant Code
Merchants can place a QR code on their website or at their location for quick payment. Customers can scan the code from the app to pay.

Use this QR Code to send a payment to Cuban Pete's restaurant:
1. In the app, click the Pay icon
2. Activate the scanner
3. Select the back camera
4. Scan the code (it might take a few seconds to load the form)
5. Fill out the form
6. Tap the Pay button to send the payment

Merchant Page
Merchant Login:
Username: CubanPete
Password: CCprototype174+
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